Plantation shutters are the number one seller in window treatment. Plantation shutters are a single investment that is becoming popular among homeowners and designers because they add value to a home by protecting and preserving its interior.  Shutters filter the light shining through and insulate the inside of a home more than any other window covering.  Its energy reducing affects and noise insulating capabilities are some of the many benefits that are often times overlooked when homeowners plan on investing in plantation shutters.  The new trend in shutters is wider louvers and panels. Homeowners are getting away from double panels and going a single, wider panel to make the space appear more open.  Plantation shutters block heat and light, thereby keeping the inside of a home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  The thickness of the material used for plantation shutters, whether 100 percent basswood or a synthetic material like Poly, is three-to-four times thicker than that of horizontal blinds. Due to its thickness, it blocks more light and preserves insulation.  R-Values are consistently measured in the 4.5 range on shutters.  All window coverings have some insulation value, but plantation shutters are superior in protecting fine furniture and flooring from sun damage or other harmful outside elements. 

Durability and Safety

Certain types of window treatments can be both hazardous for children and extremely flimsy in their construction. One such example is store bought mini blinds. The warnings contained within these blinds are meant for a reason as the draw cords can be potentially fatal for small children. Making such a point isn’t meant to use fear to push homeowners towards shutters but rather to state the obvious that these can be a very grave danger. If you do choose such a window treatment, one cannot be careful enough with small children. In addition, these store bought mini blinds or even drapes can be very short lived due to poor construction as well as children tearing and playing with the latter.  Alternatively, plantation shutters feature no such draw cords as hazards and are constructed of hardwoods (and sometimes of a composite material) that are built to last for a literal lifetime in most cases. Blinds have an average life span of 3 years but with shutters they go up and last as long as the homeowner desires.

Long Term Value

The final advantage of choosing plantation shutters for a new home is the value they add to the home.  While homeowners may be skeptical of such a return due to the presumed long period before re-selling, we can see, as discussed above, the durability of shutters ensures that the shutters will be in good condition no matter if a sale is imminent or far in the future. Whether you are a new homeowner or someone looking to sell your home immediately, the energy savings, durability, safety and long term value of shutters make them an unparalleled choice amongst window treatment options for your home. While undoubtedly they are not right for all homeowners due to their cost, they should be strongly considered when looking at the big picture of getting a return on your money and value for what you pay for beyond just ensuring privacy in your home.