No matter where you live, adjusting your window treatments for winter can help you make the most of the shorter hours of daylight. Simple changes to your windows can also freshen up your decor or even add holiday flair. Best of all, adjusting your window coverings in winter can help you reduce your energy bills and consumption.

Allowing more light into your home during the day ensures you don’t need to turn the lights on too early and lets the sun naturally warm your home. Later, you can close the windows to prevent drafts and heat loss and ensure your home stays warm at night.

Winter Window Ideas

Seasonal Decor

Retail stores, hotels, and other places do it – and you can, too. Remove your spring or fall window coverings or curtains and replace them with a holiday themed version for December. You’ll be able to add some lively temporary color to your home and incorporate your windows right into your seasonal decor. Add a few holiday throw pillows and afghans, and you’ll give your entire space a holiday makeover you can enjoy for the festive season, then pack away until next year.

Go for Efficiency

Adding elegant plantation shutters to your home allows you to control the amount of sunlight that comes in and make the most of whatever season it is. In the winter, shutters allow you to easily adjust your windows to let in light and warmth in the morning and then close to prevent drafts and heat loss in the evening.

You’ll use less energy to light and heat your home in winter, making this an ideal time for installation. As a bonus, those savings extend into the warm weather months too. Closing your shutters against the hot summer sun prevents your air conditioner from having to work so hard and conserves electricity.

Opt for Winter Friendly Drapes

Curtains or draperies with insulated or blackout lining can perform some of the same functions as shutters, but are not as permanent or as durable. If you want to see the difference an energy conserving window treatment can make – or live in a rental that doesn’t allow upgrades like shutters, then winter friendly drapes are a good compromise.

Winter Insulation Film

According to Apartment Therapy, this easy-on, easy-off decorative film lets light filter in but allows for privacy and some extra insulation. Choose a seasonal print or pattern and apply to windows; you can remove at the first sign of spring next year.

Simple changes to your window coverings can update your space for the season and make your home more energy efficient, too. While you can try a temporary fix, enduring plantation style shutters can beautify your home year-round and ensure you area always comfortable at home. Contact us to learn more about the lasting beauty of window shutters and how they can contribute to the look and feel of your home.