Shutters do far more than just beautify your home and interior; they can also help you reduce your energy consumption and costs. Because shutters can be used to effectively block the sunlight that enters your home, you can effectively control the interior temperature for a significant part of each day without powering up your air conditioner or heating system. This results in savings throughout the year. Shutters reduce your costs in more ways than one; energy efficiency gets all the attention, but shutters also help preserve the life of your other belongings, provide a safe way to comfort your home if you have kids or pets, and even have lower replacement costs than other window covering options.

3 Ways Shutters Help You Save Energy

Effectively Block Sunlight

Shutters are opaque, so the sun simply can’t get in whenever. Closing your shutters on a sunny day allows your home to stay cool, reducing the amount of energy required to comfort your home. Uncovered windows allow sunlight to filter in and raise the temperature of your entire home, so your air conditioner will have to work hard to keep up. You’ll also have to run your system longer into the year, because the sun will cause your enclosed home to feel hot later in the year.

In the winter, you can allow the sunlight in during the morning to keep your home warm without powering up the heater, then close the shutters to keep the inside of your home warm and toasty through the afternoon.

Reducing the amount of time you use your HVAC system–the top consumer of energy in the average home—will lower your energy costs each month. Shutters are the most effective way take control of your home heating and cooling costs without sacrificing comfort.


Preserve the Life of Your Furniture and Carpets

One of the most frequently overlooked benefits of shutters is the way they can cut down on your other replacement costs. Your carpet, throw rugs, furniture, and even wall décor is impacted by sunlight and will need to be replaced over time unless you protect them with shutters.


Reduce Replacement Necessity

Fabric–even fabric made for curtains–will fade with prolonged exposure to sunlight. If you choose rich, dark draperies or cheerful, bright curtains to match your room, prepare to replace them annually if you use them to block the sun. Those saturated, rich colors will fade over time, ending up looking dingy and not enhancing your room at all. Choosing white curtains to prevent fade? It’s a start, but white curtains can easily yellow with exposure and will need to be replaced over time as well.

Free hanging curtains and blinds are tempting for pets and kids and are easily accessible by both. Whether your cat needs to push a curtain aside to do some bird-watching or finds that textured silk fabric too tempting to resist, your curtains will pay the price. Once a pet discovers it is fun to climb, scratch, chew or shred your window coverings, your replacement costs will soar.

Even blinds aren’t safe. Pets can climb between them and knock them off track, while hanging blinds pose a significant safety hazard for children, thanks to the cords. Plantation shutters can help keep everyone safe, reduce your replacement costs, and offer a superior way to insulate your home, resulting in fewer replacement costs over time.


Whether you’re most concerned about preserving your home and décor, lowering energy costs, or even choosing long lasting window coverings that don’t need to be replaced every year, shutters can help. Contact us to learn more about shutters for your home and to browse our extensive library of options designed to help boost your own energy efficiency and beautify your home.