There is plenty to like about beautiful Elegant Shutters. They look great, help save on energy costs by keeping things cool in the summer and warm in the winter, improve security, and help protect your household items from sunlight.

Our customers also like our Consumer Assurance Guarantee which provides a lifetime warranty for our products, no questions asked.

While this warranty service can certainly come in handy if anything gets permanently broken or damaged, we hope your products never get to this point. In fact, we encourage homeowners to perform regular upkeep on their shutters which can help keep them looking nice and in good shape for a long time.

Cleaning and inspecting your shutters regularly can also alert you to small problems that, over time, could grow into bigger, more damaging issues.

Try these strategies to make sure you help your products continue to look great over the seasons.

  • Dirt—It can build up fast outside, especially if you live where it’s windy. One popular treatment method for some types of dirty shutters, including Broadleaf products, is simply wiping them with a damp cloth and mild soap and water. Before you begin, check the material of shutter you have for any restrictions. Some wooden shutters that are intended to be used indoors could be damaged by certain types of soap or too much moisture, while many exterior ones are designed to withstand weather for years and are much more durable.

  • Dust—Like dirt, it can build up indoors or outdoors if not cleaned regularly. Treatment can be similar to dealing with dirt but not as detailed. Start with minor scrubbing with a dust wand or a soft cloth. If it’s not difficult, you can remove the shutters to make sure they are dusted thoroughly on both sides. A vacuum with a soft brush attachment can also help with weekly dusting.

  • General grime—If cleaning isn’t done regularly, especially for outdoor shutters, thicker levels of grime can build up. A hose or pressure washer can help break things up especially if you’re unable to take them down. Soap and water can work as well – you also can consider adding a small amount of bleach into your water to better attack thicker stains. Use caution when using tools to chip away at heavy dirt deposits, as the material can sometimes be damaged.

  • Sunlight—Aesthetically, you should be OK with your shutters absorbing sunlight if this blocks it from coming through to the rest of your home. But over time, weather-beaten shutters can often begin to lose their attractiveness. If you don’t want to have them replaced, there are some DIY methods to strip the old finish and apply a new one. But ongoing preventive measures such as regular cleaning can keep it from getting to this point.

Part of the appeal of Elegant Shutters products is that they are all designed to be durable. Broadleaf wood substitute material, for example, is built to last a lifetime and won’t yellow, crack, split, warp or chip. It also is moisture and UV resistant, antimicrobial, and keeps bugs out.

Chelsea proprietary hardwood products are also designed to be durable and UV-resistant. They also include our Elegant Furniture Grade Finish Lifetime Guarantee.

Please contact us for more information about cleaning recommendations and the durability of our products.