Broadleaf™ shutters

Poly Advantage

Broadleaf™ Shutters are a beautifully engineered wood substitute shutters, and are manufactured with the best compound and highest technology.  Broadleaf™ blends the strength, stability, and precision of man-made materials with the beauty, character, and elegant feel of real wood.

Broadleaf™ Shutters supply the distinct look of wood using a solid polymer man-made material to increase energy efficiency, durability, and stability.

  • High heat, humidity, moisture areas are no problem for Broadleaf™ Poly, will not crack, chip, split or warp.
  • Broadleaf™ Shutters allow for better insulation than wood, helping to keep energy costs down.
  • Aluminum inserts provide added strength and rigidity in the louvers and stiles. 

Dealer Slide Show

Show slideshow on your laptop or mobile device to customers while in the home. A great tool to use while measuring for homeowners to review shutter options.

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